01 The Beginning Prayer.mp3

02 Prayer of St. Basil the Great to.mp3

03 Psalm 50.mp3

04 The Creed.mp3

05 Prayer I, of St. Macarius the Gre.mp3

07 Prayer III, of St. Macarius the G.mp3

08 Prayer IV, of St. Macarius the Gr.mp3

09 Prayer V, of St. Basil the Great.mp3

10 Prayer VI, of St. Basil the Great.mp3

11 Prayer VII, to the Most Holy Theo.mp3

12 Prayer VIII, to Our Lord Jesus Ch.mp3

13 Prayer IX, to the Holy Guardian A.mp3

14 Prayer X, to the Most Holy Theoto.mp3

15 Intercessions.mp3

16 Intercessions.mp3

17 Final Prayer.mp3

18 The Beginning Prayer.mp3

19 Prayer I, of St. Macarius the Gre.mp3

20 Prayer II, of St. Antiochus.mp3

21 Prayer III, to the Holy Spirit.mp3

22 Prayer IV, of St. Macarius the Gr.mp3

23 Prayer V.mp3

24 Prayer VI.mp3

25 Prayer VII, of St. John Chrysosto.mp3

26 Prayer VII, continued.mp3

27 Prayer VIII, to Our Lord Jesus Ch.mp3

28 Prayers IX, to the Most Holy Theo.mp3

29 Prayers to the Theotokos.mp3

30 Final Prayer.mp3

Eastern Christianity

  • Eastern Christian Churches
    An informative site created by Fr. Ron Roberson, a Catholic priest, which provides much information about the different Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

  • Introduction to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church
    A series of twenty-one essays by Fr. Hal Stockert, a Byzantine Catholic priest, located on the Catholic Information Network.

  • Royal Doors
    English language resorces for Ukrainian Greek Catholics.

  • The Rite Not to be Roman
    Article by Carl Olson written for This Rock a few years ago about Eastern Catholicism, drawn from his experiences at Nativity.

  • Greek Catholic Tradition
    Carl Olson's speech, given at the 2012 Orientale Lumen conference in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 8, 2012. The conference topic was "Theology of the Laity."

  • Byzantine Catholic Churches of America
    Contains links to various Byzantine Catholic Churches, information about Byzantine Catholicism, and a discussion forum.

  • Light and Life Publishing
    A major Orthodox publishing house, located in Minnesota. Although Orthodox, Light and Life Publishing does publish a number of titles that are Eastern Catholic.


01 Cherubic Hymn.mp3

02 Troparion to St Herman of Alaska.mp3

03 O Come Let Us Worship.mp3

04 The Eyes of All Look to Thee with Hope.mp3

05 Eis Polla Eti Despota.mp3

06 Troparion to All Saints of America.mp3

07 Exapostalarion of Holy Monday - Thursday.mp3

08 The Lord's Prayer.mp3

09 Kontakion to St Herman of Alaska.mp3

10 With the Souls of the Righteous.mp3

11 Hymns of St. John the Monk.mp3

12 Let My Prayer Arise.mp3



01-Nativity of Theotokos.mp3

02-Elevation of the Cross.mp3

03-Entrance of Theotokos.mp3

04-Nativity of Christ.mp3


06-Meeting in Temple.mp3


08-Palm Sunday.mp3