In addition to streaming on the Internet, Radio Pittsburgh also broadcasts on Hamsphere's 6.285 MHz broadcast band.  What follows is an overview of how you can become involved in Hamsphere and experience the exciting world of Virtual Radio.. FREE TRIAL! NO LICENSE IS REQUIRED! CLICK HERE


Virtual Ionosphere

HamSphere simulates a real Ionosphere with radio wave propagation, fading and distortion. Signals are bounced off a virtual Ionosphere and reflected to distant parts of the world. Listen to an audio clip from HamSphere and its "Shortwave" sound.


11 Virtual bands

Nine virtual Ham Radio bands including 6,10,15,17,20,30,40,80 and 160 meters. We have also included an 11 meter CB band. Please note some features differ between HS 3 & HS 4. We recommend that you use HS 4.


Double Sideband Modulation

The HamSphere transmitter works in DSB mode (Double Sideband Modulation) with a virtual power between 1 - 2500 Watts. Received bandwidth can be adjusted to 3.8, 2.8 and 0.8 kHz with the standard filters.


DX Cluster / Log book

Locate any stations in real time with the DX-Cluster. Log contacts with just two clicks in the built in log book and send QSL cards as easy.


Transceiver Chat

The chat feature will enable you to send small text messages across the network. You can also send private messages to other operators. Please note some features differ between HS 3 & HS 4. We recommend that you use HS 4.


iPhone and Android apps

iPhone and Android apps are included in the subscription. Use HamSphere mobile like a Walkie-Talkie. Download from App store or Android market


HamSphere DXHC Awards

HamSphere gives out Awards for verified QSO achievements. Currently we have awards for working World Wide countries and European countries. But more to follow.


Introduction to Hamsphere video.



Overview video of operating Hamsphere.



Radio Instrumentation

The HamSphere transceiver comes with an FFT-based bandscope (Spectrum Analyzer), Analog S-meter and a digital VFO with 10 hz increments. The system has also 9 programmable memory channels. Please note some features differ between HS 3 & HS 4. We recommend that you use HS 4.


Audio processing

Built in powerful Microphone processor including VOX which can be programmed for all voice types


Edit QSL card templates

Fully supported WYSIWIG editor. Just upload a picture, drag and drop the fields and your QSL template is ready to use.


Send QSL cards

Send QSL cards from your transceiver directly. You can edit any number of QSL card templates that can be used to send auto filled in cards.



Digital / Analog SSTV

Use HamSphere full bandwidth mode and transmit analog and digital SSTV (Slow Scan Television). HamSphere has dedicated the entire 30 meter band for SSTV activity. Download SSTV Software here